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Elden Ring is, at its core, a Souls game. For those unfamiliar with From Software’s Souls games, they are action RPGs with simple controls, brutally difficult combat, dark fantasy story elements and visuals, and an infamous corpse-run mechanic that requires you to physically collect the valuable experience you lose whenever you die.

Because the Souls games are so good, even though they reuse a lot of what we’ve seen before, it all works. It’s like playing a new, remixed, and remastered version of a Souls game where Elden Ring retreads the past—with some frustrating technical problems to truly replicate those old times.

Elden Ring features the same deliberate combat that has become standard in these types of games, but it is fully refined in this case. You swing, your opponent swings, and you can both interrupt each other’s attacks with pinpoint accuracy.

It detracts from the impact of those moments when Elden Ring transcends its past to show why From Software’s games are unrivalled by those who try to imitate them. Elden Ring is a great Souls game, but as the newest From Software game, I wanted it to dream a little bigger. Get the game here.

Download Elden Ring PC Game Free

  1. Download the game torrent file from below link

2) Extract the folder to desired location

3) Enjoy the game

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