5 Best Tricks to Earn Kills in BGMI

Battlegrounds Mobile India is highly appreciated in the Indian gaming community. BR’s intense gameplay has once again brought the team together to fight for survival on harsh BGMI maps.

In BGMI getting a chicken dinner is not the only source of satisfaction here, maintaining the K/D ratio is also a major focus for many. This article covers the 5 best tips and tricks to get high kills in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

1) Hotdrops

Hotdrops in BGMI will not disappoint you. Landing at Hotdrop location not only increases your chances of getting more kills but also challenges you to push your limits. The classic PUBG Mobile maps all feature various hot drop locations that provide plenty of loot for teams. Play mostly on small maps like Sanhok and Livik where you can find more players to kill, as the number of players in this map is higher.

2) Play Solo vs squad

Play more solo vs squad to kill more. This is professional advice if you’re confident you can do it. Playing solo can certainly get you more kills, you don’t have to share your loot, but there is a big downside to dealing with teams alone in a rush. To play solo with a team, disable auto-matching in mode selection in BGMI.

3) Rush Gameplay

Rush Gameplay is the next great method to earn more kills. You must be very active and confident. Takedown enemies and dash forward using throwables like Mollys and grenades to lower their HP. This way you can easily finish them quickly. In addition, you can rush to the party as soon as you have a good weapon after landing. You can earn some good kills here too.

4) Hold the cover

Aggressive play is essential to getting a good amount of kills, but players also need to defend themselves. Take cover and wait for the right moment when you are stuck somewhere or in difficult situations. You can get a high win by facing the enemy safely using cover in BGMI.

5) Airdrops

Airdrops can get you more kills as well. If you are lucky, you might bring the whole squad down. Airdrops can be used as a bait in BGMI to lure your enemy for kills. Flare airdrops and airdrops are often surrounded by players. You can catch them off-guard to secure high kills.

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