5 Deceptive Games like Among Us

Among Us is the most popular game played majorly across the globe. The spike in popularity of Among Us has already started creating records. Among Use quickly rose to a great height with a significant rise in the number of downloads which crossed over 100 Million.

Among Us is a simple and deceptive multiplayer game with an amazing concept. The game is all about betrayal and deceit. It is played with friends, where 4-10 players take the roles of spaceship crew members. However, there’re few alien imposters among the crew whose objective is to blend in while simultaneously sabotaging and murdering the other players without being caught.

However, many such deceptive games deserve your attention. In this article, We’ve mentioned 5 Deceptive Games like Among Us.

Enemy on Board

Windwalk Games, Enemy on Board is a free online multiplayer social deception game. It is heavily inspired by games such as Mafia Werewolf like Among Us. There’re six crew members on the spaceship Andromeda, where two of these players are secretly aliens in disguise. You have to survive and find them before they sabotage your crew.

Unfortunate Spacemen

Unfortunate Spacemen is a co-op / multiplayer game about trust and deception. Being an employee of the Company, waiting to be rescued from failing outposts you have to work with your fellow astronauts to complete random objectives. But not everyone is on your side. Be careful. The gameplay is very similar to Among Us with distinct story mode.

Project Winter

Project Winter is an 8 person multiplayer game focused on social deception and survival. The main objective of the game is to gather resources, repair structures and work as a team to escape. You have to survive in the wilderness also keeping a keen eye on the traitors lurking around you.


Deceit is a multiplayer first-person shooter independent horror game that tests the instincts of players at trust and deception. The game has stunning visuals. From becoming an infected person and infecting others, to becoming a survivor from the infected the game is pretty graphic with the details and the action.

Secret Neighbor

 Secret Neighbor is a super entertaining game and a sequel to Hello Neighbor. This is a first-person horror game that challenges you to control a young character who’s trying to get into his neighbor’s house to discover the dark secrets that he’s hiding inside the basement. It is a great multiplayer game where you have to successfully save the friend before the neighbour can isolate and attack each of you.

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