5 Desi Mobile Games like GTA – Android Games

The mobile gaming progressed a lot in these years and many major titles made to Android devices. Grand Theft Auto series is one among them. Grand Theft Auto has an enormous fanbase, and the franchise has already made its move on to mobile versions. Since then many games like GTA released on Android devices. Let’s Look at Desi Android games like GTA.

Bhai The Gangster

Bhai The Gangster is an open-world action Indian game unlike GTA and other gangster games on Playstore. The dialogues, gameplay, characters and storyline everything is Indian. Bhai is one of the enjoyable gangster games to play if you know Hindi. The game follows the story of Bhai who’s on the mission to take revenge on his girlfriend’s killer. Being a gangster always gets you more enemies than friends. Play as Bhai and help him in his Journey.

Sarkar Infinite

Inspired by one of the popular Indian Tamil film “Sarkar”, Sarkar Infinite has a great storyline and fast-paced gameplay like GTA. GTA fans will surely love this game mixed with desi action hero flavour. You play the role of protagonist Sarkar who is responsible for cleaning the corrupted city, Use melee weapons, complete missions and customize your character in-game.

Being Salman

As the title suggests, Being Salman game resonates with the popular Bollywood actor Salman Khan and his brand Being Human. This is an open-world game where you play as Salman Khan, complete missions, use weapons fight villains and much more combat in-game. The game is almost an alternative for GTA.

Bhai The Gunda

Bhai The Gunda is an open-world game similar to GTA. You play the role of a gangster based in Mumbai city. The game is similar to GTA San Andreas with multiple in-game activities, gunning down rival gangs and exploring the city. Make sure you didn’t g behind the bars. It is a fun play game with good gameplay.

Indian Chor Police

Here you play as a policeman instead of Bhai/gangster. The game revolves around a squad of cops who has to clean the streets of cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Punjab from bad guys. Indian Chore police feature over 30 different missions, good action gameplay and graphics. You get to use a lot of weapons and bring down villains legally.

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