5 Facts About Chickens in Minecraft

Chickens in Minecraft are not just passive mobs in-game. They provide a great source of protein, eggs, and companionship. If you’re lonely, they can be your best friends. Chickens are easily found in-game and they’re there since Minecraft’s inception. However, there’re few things many of you might not know about them. Let’s have a look at 5 Facts About Chickens in Minecraft.

#1 Diamond Chickens

Minecraft 2 released on 1 April 2013 as a part of the April fools joke looked similar to the normal version. However, it featured some strange things such as Diamond Chickens. Diamond chickens in Minecraft have similar characteristics to that of normal chickens. The only difference was in their appearance, these chickens were diamond in color. They were considered as the rarest mobs of Minecraft that pooped diamonds and lapis lazuli.

#2 Fall Damage Immunity

No matter at what height chickens may fall, they won’t take damage at all. Minecraft Chickens are immune to fall damage. It is because, when you force drop them or they fall, chickens flap their wings and land slowly to the ground. Hence, they do not take single damage after falling.

#3 Chickens are prey to foxes, ocelots, and Untamed Cats

Minecraft’s potential to bring real-life elements into the game makes it more interesting. Chickens in Minecraft follow the same laws of nature as well as natural behaviors. Players must keep chickens away from foxes, ocelots, and untamed cats. As they might fall prey to them. Note: Untamed cats attack chickens only in the Minecraft Java Edition.

#4 Single Egg can spawn 4 chicks

Minecraft chicken exhibit the same natural behavior in-game as well. Normally, chicken eggs spawn one baby chicken. In some cases. i.e. one out of every 256 eggs can spawn four baby chickens from a single egg.

#5 Chickens Spawning in Nether

Yeah, it is true, zombified baby piglins are often found riding chickens in the nether realm. Chickens spawn here in the form of jockeys. Also, many of you have noticed chicken meat on the farms. It happens when the chicken dies while standing on the magma floor.

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