5 Flop GTA Games in the series

Grand Theft Auto series delivered us some of the most incredible titles in the last two decades. There are over dozens of titles in the series. GTA games are excellent, but many games were not commercially successful. Unlike other popular game in the franchise, few titles failed to impress the gamers. We’re talking about 5 flop GTA Games in the series.

GTA 4: Episodes from Liberty City

GTA 4: Episodes from Liberty City is an expansion pack in the series that didn’t do well. The pack sell worse than GTA 4. Though it featured two new storylines but the base game has the same characters and maps. Also, the expansion pack was shorter than GTA 4’s base game and rarely any gamers would pay extra for something same. 


GTA 1, from where it all started. The first game in the series is the worst instalment. This is understandable as it was PS1-era games that stand apart from other titles. The game introduced Grand Theft Auto to millions of fans. And, it is one of the worst-selling GTA games out there. Being the first entry in the series, the game wasn’t as popular as it is now and wasn’t commercially successful. 


The second entry in the GTA series is GTA 2. The core gameplay was better than GTA 1 but didn’t perform well than its predecessor. However, these two entries didn’t change much for the franchise and turn out as a flop GTA game. GTA 1 & 2 PC is available for free on Rockstar Game’s official website.

GTA Chinatown Wars

GTA Chinatown Wars is one of the popular game in the series with an amazing storyline. However, the sales of Chinatown was a huge disappointment for Rockstar. GTA Chinatown Wars is known for its excellently written script, even won a few awards. Unfortunately, the game sold poorly compared to other titles in the franchise.

GTA Advance

GTA Advance performed worst in the Series. Chinatown Wars sales were awful but it’s quite difficult to find a certain figure for GTA Advance sales. The game was a huge flop and received a Metacritic rating of 68/100. It was quite poor according to the standard of the franchise. GTA Advance mark as one of the worst-selling GTA games of all time.

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