5 Interesting Things You Must TRY in GTA V

Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto series is one of the most popular video game franchise of all time. The series has created a benchmark delivering the most beloved video games in the community. GTA series offers an open world environment for players to explore, roam freely along with missions and unique character storyline.

Grand Theft Auto V, the latest instalment in the series has almost every element one need in a well-developed video game. It offers the most realistic world with features that make this game a beauty. The game has tons of Interesting things other than missions and side quest. There are various mysteries, fun play in-game that will probably entertain you a lot. So, here are the 5 Interesting Things You Must TRY in GTA V.

Playboy Mansion

You all must be familiar with the playboy mansion. What if you ever get a chance to visit one. Yeah, you can find the Playboy Mansion in GTA 5 based on the real-life mansion of the same name. It is considered one of the most happening places in GTA 5. This mansion is an easter egg in-game and a hot spot for parties. You can find topless hot women here.

Mount Chiliad Mystery

Mount chiliad mystery in GTA V is the longest-running mystery in the GTA community. A large painted mystery map can be found on the wall of Cable car station, map consist of unique symbols depicts some hidden objects. It is believed that solving the mystery would be rewarded by Jetpack.

Perform Explosion by Dialing a number

This is among the evil things you can do it GTA 5, you read it right. You can trigger an explosion in GTA V by just dialling a number. The number you must dial for this explosion to trigger is 1-999-367-3767, you can hear an explosion as if a grenade has detonated. That’s a long phone number for a small explosion.

Alien in GTA V

Frozen alien in Grand Theft Auto can be found during the first mission of the game. After Robbing the bank, Trevor and Michael escape in SUV travelling down North Yankton snow-covered roads. The frozen alien is found near the sharp right turn before the bridge instead of making a turn steer-off the road down to the frozen river on right – there you can find an Alien encased in a frozen river which disappears after few seconds.

Underwater discovery

Have you ever been curious about all the ships that sank in the ocean. You can discover the wrecks of ships in GTA V underwater. There’s an abundance of wrecks waiting to be explored in the ocean depths. There are nuclear submarine, submersible, planes, and numerous shipwrecks underwater. Head east from the Humane Labs and Research to find these fascinating underwater wrecks.

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