7 Pro Movement and Reflexes for PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile battle royale is the most played mobile game. The main aim of the game is to survive amongst all, survival in the game requires skills, strategy and tactics. PUBG mobile skills are very essential to win and score chicken dinner in-game. Today, we’ve brought you the important Pro Movement and Reflex Mechanism that every PUBG Mobile player should learn.

PUBG Mobile Movement and Reflexes

Bunny Hopping

Bunny Hopping in PUBG Mobile is the pro movement one should definitely learn. It allows you to dodge bullets from enemies. Bunny hop makes you a difficult target for opponent The sprint and jump combination is amazing. You have to move your cursor to sprint and keep tapping jump to execute Bunny Hoping.

Jiggle Peek

Jiggle Peek is an excellent methd to confuse and surprise your enemies. Take the cover of tree or walls around you use jiggle peek by randomly peeking from left and right side to confuse your enemies.

Prone Jumping

Prone Jumping is a complex movement in PUBG Mobile. You have to change few setting to perform this movement. Head to PUBG Mobile settings scroll down to the ‘Jump/Climb’ option and change to ‘Separate’. To execute this action you have to tap on the Jump and Prone button at the same time. This skill requires practice and is one of the useful skills in PUBG Mobile. Prone Jumping can save you from headshots.

Crouch Jumping

Crouch Jumping is somewhat similar to Prone Jumping . All you have to do is tap Crouch and jump button at the same time to perform this action. This movement skill allows you to ente and get out of building windows quickly.

Jiggle Movement

You all must have heard of PUBG Mobile Jiggle movement. Jiggle is the most important skill to learn if you want to survive in close combats. Jiggle is performed to dodge enemies bullets while shooting them at the same time. You have to lpractice your accuracy and aiming while doing jiggle in-game. Drag your joystick to left and right at pace to execute Jiggle Movement.

Jump Shot

Jump Shot is one of the easiest, helpful and basic close combat skill in PUBG Mobile. it i used to surprise your enemies hiding behind a cover. Player performs Jump SHot to avoid headshot by Jump and shotting headshot while jumping. If you encounter and enemy,Run to him and jump to shoot at the same time to execute Jump Shot.

Drop shot

Drop shot is the perfect surprise for your enemies in PUBG Mobile. You tap on the prone and fire button at the same time to perform Dropp Shot. It not only confuses your enemy but also disturbs their aim allowing you to knock them down. 

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