AKM vs M416: Pubg Mobile

PUBG Mobile is the best Battle Royale game in country played by millions of players everyday. Tencent offer great list of weapons of all kinds like Sniper, Assault Rifles, Shotguns and SMG in-game. Players have their own combo of guns. However, when it comes to Assault Rifles gamers always talk about who’s best AKM or M416.

AKM and M416 both are the best Assault Rifles in PUBG Mobile spawned at various location on all map. Every player wants to get their hands on either of them as soon they land. Both being in an outrageous demand in-game, we still have this fight for best Assualt rifles going on whether it’s AKM or M416. Today I’ll be comparing both the guns based on stats.


M416–As we all know M416 need more attachments as compared to AKM. When it comes to attachments M416 have in all 5 rooms for it–Scope, Mag, Stock, Muzzle and Foregrip.

AKM –  Whereas, AKM consider being a powerful gun has 3 rooms for attachments- Scope, Mag and muzzle.

Attachments are must needed for every Assault rifles in the game. Your recoil control and gun handle very much varies depending upon the attachments. More the attachments, more the stability. Here M416 have an upper hand over AKM in terms of attachments.


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No doubt, when it comes to power, AKM is best among other Assault Rifles in the PUBG Mobile. AKM have power of 48 while M416 has 41. AKM proves very much helpful in close combat than M416 because of power, but there’re other aspects too. Well, AKM dominates M416 in power comparison.


AKM has the joint highest single-shot damage with a range of 60 as it uses 7.62mm ammunition while M416 have a decent range of 56. AKM wins over M416 in range.

Firing Speed:

Firing rate of M416 75 is much higher than AKM 61 and hence, M416 is preferred by many due to higher Firing rate. If it comes to firing speed M416 can definitely outdo AKM. M416 standout in terms of Firing Rate because players have upper hand in 1v1 close fight with m416.

Reload Time:

Reload time of M416 without quickdraw mag is 2.100s and AKM have reload time of 2.900s without Quickdraw. Higher reload time can prove troublesome in close fights in front of your enemies. With proper attachments M416 reload times is 1.3s and AKM has reload time of 1.9s. M416 again defeats AKM in reload time.

Recoil Control:

Like we discussed above more the attachments more the stability and recoil control. M416 has large room for attachments that make vertical and horizontal recoil control easy. M416 heavily relies upon the proper attachments.

AKM recoil control is very hard because of extreme horizontal and vertical recoil. Even proper attachments controlling AKM is tough.

Here, M416 standout in comparison to AKM.

Considering all the above stats the score we have now is:

AKM- 2 points

M416- 4 points

M416 wins the battle between best Assault Rifles in comaprison to AKM. What is your thoughts on it?

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