AKM vs M762: Which is Best ?

We’re back with our new PUBG mobile comparison articles. Today we will be comparing two of the most powerful AR guns in PUBG Mobile AKM vs M762. M762 being introduced late in PUBGM, it has won the hearts of many players being the most preferred gun over other Assault Rifles. I personally love M762, but nowadays I’ve started using AKM more maybe I’m enjoying it. Well, lets get back to discussion now.

AKM vs M762 Which one is Best? We will compare both the gun and figure out the best odd one out.


In terms of Attachments M762 is far more versatile than AKM having 4 rooms for attachments -Scope, Mag, Foregrip and muzzle whereas, AKM has only 3. More attachments in M762 makes it more versatile than AKM ans standout in comparison. M762 takes the point here.


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When it comes to power, both the guns use 7.62mm ammunition and possess significant destructive potential as compare to other Assault Rifles. Both these deadly weapons deals a substantial damage AKM-48 and M762-46, but AKM takes the crown here by 2 units.

Reload Time:

Reload time of both assault rifles are equal with or without mag. Without Mag AKM and M762 requires 2.8s to reload 30 bullets and 1.9s to reload with proper attachments. This is a draw between AKM-M762.


As we all are familiar with both the assault rifles, they use 7.62mm f bullets hence they have equal range. It’s also a draw here between both.

Firing Speed:

In comparison of firing rate both the weapons are incredible and has accurate single shot capability. AKM has a firing rate of 61 while M762 has 80 far greater than AKM although AKM deals more damage per bullet. IF we compare on the basis of Firing rate M762 is better than AKM. M762 wins here.

Recoil Control:

Finally we are here recoil control. AKM and M762 both has high recoil control with or without attachments and it’s quite difficult to figure out which one is better. I’ve played and cross checked both of the AR with proper attachments. AKM do has higher recoil control than Beryl but it’s minimal difference.

Until now, both the Weapons have equal points 2-2. It’s really confusing to give points here. So I’ll let you guys decide the winner in the comment section.

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