All About PUBG Mobile New Weapon FAMAS

PUBG Mobile 1.2 update has rolled out for Android and iOS devices. The new 1.2 update brings a ton of new features, gameplay modes and improvements in-game. The update brings new Runic Power Gameplay and Famas assault rifle an exclusive weapon on Livik Map. Let’s learn more about this new weapon.


FAMAS is the newest assault rifle added in PUBG Mobile Livik map. This AR uses 5.56mm ammo with a default mag of 25 bullets. It can carry 35 bullets per load with an extended mag.

In comparison to other powerful 5.6mm Assault rifles like M416 and SCAR-L that loads around 30-40 bullets per round, FAMAS is smaller. It can be equipped with the Muzzle (Rifles), Scope and Mag (Rifles) attachments.

In terms of sound, this new weapon is silent. FAMAS is a stable weapon and has a room for four attachment slots for the muzzle, sight/scope, mag, and canted sight.

FAMAS also comes with its own bipod that reduces recoil when shooting with it in a prone position. The weapon has three firing mode – single, burst, and full-auto. This AR also have the fastest rate of fire among the rifles in the game.

The iron sight of FAMAS is similar to SCAR-L and can be used to bring down the enemies easily at mid range and short range. The scopes that can be equipped with this gun are 3x, 4x, or 6x.

If you’re looking for a DMR and couldn’t find one, FAMAS is a great deal with its own bipod.

LIVIK is the smallest map in PUBG Mobile and FAMAS is a perfect, reliable and stable weapon to use in PUBG Mobile.

Have you tried this weapon yet, What do you think?

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