All Countries that Banned PUBG Mobile in 2020

With an introduction to battle-royale genre in the last few years, mobile gaming rose to unexpected heights. Over the year, many battle-royale games released for both Android and iOS devices.

PUBG Mobile created a benchmark being one of the most popular & played mobile game globally. The game evolved a lot since its release and become a phenomenon with an enormous player base. PUBG mobile dominated the gaming industry offering an exceptional gaming experience.

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However, PUBG mobile had a lot of ups and downs this 2020. The game is banned in many countries and faced a huge loss. Today, we’ll look at all the countries that banned PUBG Mobile in 2020.


Pakistan Telecommunication Authorities (PTA) banned PUBG Mobile in July 2020, as it received numerous complaint against the mobile game. The title was banned due to negative influence, addictiveness, and unhealthy impact on children.

PTA unbanned PUBG Mobile within the month, after meeting with Proxima Beta Pte Ltd (PB) representatives.


PUBG Mobile India ban came as a surprise. On 2nd September, the Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology banned PUBG Mobile along with 117 apps as “they are engaged in activities which is prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, security of state and public order”.

Two months after the ban, PUBG corp announced the relaunch of PUBG mobile in India with region-specific Indian version. 

PUBG Mobile also registered as the country’s private limited company recently and invested $100M to ensure the development of the game in India including Esports. Release date is yet to be revealed.


Afghanistan is recently banned PUBG Mobile in their country. On Thursday, the Afghanistan Telecommunications Regulatory Authority temporarily suspended PUBG Mobile. ATRA head, Omar Mansoor Ansari quoted “Our team submitted a report on the issue to ATRA Board after carrying out a comprehensive analysis, and then a decision was taken to block this game temporarily considering its social and security impact.” 

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