All Game Modes in PUBG Mobile & PUBG mobile Lite

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is the most popular battle royale game currently in the gaming world. Millions of players play PUBG Mobile daily. The PUBG Mobile Lite version is similar to original PUBG Mobile for low-end devices so that players can enjoy. PUBG Lite allow players to play PUBG with the smooth gameplay experience.

Both are the most downloaded mobile battle-royale games and offers several interesting game modes. What are they? In this article, we’ve mentioned all Game Modes in PUBG Mobile & PUBG mobile Lite.

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PUBG Mobile Game Modes

PUBG Mobile is the main mobile version, hence has more game modes as compared to PUBG Mobile lite. The game also features many maps due to larger game size. It also has many exciting games modes to enjoy.

Arcade has 3 game modes

Quick Match. it offers faster gaming experience and lasts for 8-minute.

Sniper Training is available every day except Tuesdays and Thursdays.

War mode is the time-limited mode available only on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Arena Mode

Arena mode consists of TDM: Warehouse and Assault: Ruins, Arena Training on Warehouse map, Domination mode in the map Town, and Gun Game in the Library map.

Evo ground mode features explosive Payload 2.0 which is available only on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Payload 2.0 delivers an incredible gaming experience with explosive elements in-match like helicopters, geared trucks, tanks, and heavy weapons. 

PUBG Mobile Lite Game Modes

PUBG Mobile Lite has fewer Game Modes as compared to PUBG mobile. The small size of the game is the major reason for less game modes. They are:

  • Team Death Match: Warehouse (TMD). Two teams battle to kill as many enemies as possible. The first team to score 40 kills will be the winner.
  • Payload. It was first introduced in PUBG Mobile and later appeared in PUBG Mobile lite 0.17.0 update.
  • Assault: The Ruins, War, War-RPG and Survive Till Dawn: Zombie Mode for Halloween Only.

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