All things we need to know about PUBG Snow Map!!

Pubg is continuously working on new Maps. Starting with the Erangel it was a great success see the different Trees, Mountains and Buildings creating a great Battle Royal environment . Addition to it they introduced the Dessert Map (MIramar) lot of people loved it at the beginning but latter they continuously shifted to Erangel dude to the heat in Miramar(Just Kidding).

With the addition to the new map of shanok, the smaller map giving fast experience to user People Loved the Bushes and the greenish environment it created. Now with the new Map taken into consideration is the snow map.

The Snow map ( DIHOR OTOK ) is the upcomine map in PUBG we hope to see it soon seeing towards the hype it created in the pubg lovers is great  Based on leaked details and videos will know the things which we are going to get in new map.


Here will see all the things we know regarding the Snow Map

  • This is going to be a full size map
    • Pubg has unveiled its new map with smaller size giving user a faster gameplay but here will see a full size map
  • We can see the trails of players on snow helping players to understand where the user was and has moved
    • This will create a new level detailed map with new experience the user as well.
  • We might get snow balls instead of apples seen in shanok map.
    • This will be as fun as the apple in shanok.
  • C4 can be introduced in the new map
    • we have used C4 in lots of older first person games ,getting it in pubg will be a blast.
  • New Vehicles will be added Bettel and Flat belt Truck
    • No detail information regarding it is yet available but we are sure to see some snowmobiles.
  • New Buildings like Cosmodrome, Castle, Cement Factory, and Frozen Lake.
    • These would be the hot zones in the map.


Here’s a video regarding it hope you find it helpful.


  1. How to Install It? 0.11 Beta on android.
    Please guide.
    After Updating its redirecting me to a chinese website, which i cant understand. So please reply ASAP.

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