Among Us: 5 Best Places to Kill and Getaway

Among Us developed by Innersloth studios in 2018 has become the phenomenon now. The game being released two years back now emerged as the most popular trending video game of 2020. Among Us dominated every popular title on PC and Mobile, rose to a great height with a significant rise in the number of downloads which crossed over 100 Million. 

Among Us is a simple and deceptive multiplayer game with an amazing concept. It is played with friends, where 4-10 players take the roles of spaceship crew members. However, there’re few alien imposters among the crew whose objective is to blend in while simultaneously sabotaging and murdering the other players without being caught.

Imposters have to be careful when they sabotage or kill crewmates, they have to stay low-key to perform the role successfully. Today we’ll look at five best places where you can kill crewmates and escape easily.

Admin ( Map-Skeld)

Admin table in skeld is one of the few best places in among us to kill and escape. The admin table in skilled is the best place to kill crewmates and hide their body lying parallel to the table. When you see a crewmate at the top corner of the table, kill immediately as their deceased body around the table makes it quite difficult for others to spot. Admin table also has a vent which can be used to escape quickly.

Electrical (Skeld)

The infamous room on the Skeld map is another best places in among us to kill. The electrical room is isolated from the rest of the area and hence it makes one of the best suitable places to kill crewmates and getaway easily. The electrical room also has a vent out which makes it the best and obvious spot for killing.

Upper Engine (Skeld)

Another best place in an among us to kill and run is the upper engine on this killed map. This partially isolated map consists of the vent where you can camp and easily escape after killing your innocent teammates.

Storage (Mira HQ)

The storage on the Mira HQ map is another isolated section and favourite place of imposters to kill getaway. If you spot a mate standing above the bookshelf, kill quickly and getaway.   Finding a deceased body near the shelf is a difficult task for a crewmate.

Greenhouse (Mira HQ)

Killing your crewmates near the bushes and trees in greenhouse section on the Mira HQ map. After killing, run to the top edge of the Greenhouse area behind the glass structure to find a vent for an escape. Trees and bushes hide the body making it a strenuous job for your crewmates to find it.

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