Among Us: Everything about All Maps

Among Us become the most popular game of 2020 dominating other major titles on PC and mobile. The overnight spike in popularity of Among Us created a benchmark in the gaming industry. The concept of the game and simplistic approach attracted millions of players resulting in an enormous player base.

The game is all about betrayal and deceit. It is played with friends, where 4-10 players take the roles of spaceship crew members. However, there’re few alien imposters among the crew whose objective is to blend in while simultaneously sabotaging and murdering the other players without being caught. Today, we’ll talk about all the maps in Among Us.

Among Us has a total of 3 maps: The Skeld, MIRA HQ and Polus.

The Skeld

The Skeld is the most played and popular map in Among Us. In terms of size, it’s an average-sized map but consist of large rooms for players to enjoy and kill crewmates. The availability of enough space and vents in the Skeld makes it one of the popular map in-game. The Skeld has tasks for every room, check all the locations below:

  • Admin
  • Cafeteria
  • Communications (No vents)
  • Electrical
  • Engines
  • Medbay
  • Navigation
  • O2
  • Reactor
  • Security
  • Shields
  • Storage (No vents)
  • Weapons

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MIRA HQ is compactly packed with small size rooms. It is the smallest map in Among Us delivering high intensity of gameplay due to less space. Mira is the fun play map in Among Us with the availability of vents to escape after killing.

  • Admin
  • Balcony
  • Cafeteria (No vents)
  • Communications (No vents)
  • Greenhouse
  • Hallway
  • Laboratory
  • Launchpad
  • Medbay
  • Office
  • Reactor
  • Storage (No vents)


The last and 3rd map in Among Us, Polus is the largest map in-game. This is the perfect, and favourable map for impostors to plan and kill crewmates. Due to its large size, completion of task in Polus requires more time, giving a huge advantage to impostors.

  • Boiler Room (No vents)
  • Communications (No vents)
  • Dropship (No vents)
  • Electrical (No vents)
  • Laboratory (No vents)
  • Medbay (No vents)
  • O2
  • Office (No vents)
  • Outside
  • Specimen Room (No vents)
  • Storage
  • Weapons (No vents)

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