Among Us New Map Airship Update Live | Download Now

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The most anticipated new map of Among Us is finally live now. The airship is available to play now and considered as one of the biggest maps in-game. 

The latest update release of Among Us brings several new features along with a new map, Airship. Players can now choose where they want to continue after an emergency meeting, new routes and tasks are also added in the latest update.

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The Airship is the fourth and biggest map of Among Us, has been a major topic of discussion since trailer reveal last year in 2020. Latest update is available to play now with many changes in the game. 

Among Us latest version has new rooms, missions and allow up to 15 players on Airship. 


  • Reset Breakers
  • Calibrate Distributor
  • Divert Power to Mail Hall
  • Divert Power to Gap Room
  • Reroute Power to Cockpit
  • Divert Power to Showers

Meeting Room

  • Accept Diverted Power
  • Enter ID Code
  • Empty Garbage

Gap Room

  • Download Data
  • Accept Diverted Power
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  • Stabilize Steering
  • Accept Diverted Power


  • Put Away Pistols and Rifles


  • Download Data
  • Sort Records

Main Hall

  • Develop Photos
  • Decontaminate

Viewing Deck

  • Fix Wiring


  • Dress Mannequin
  • Download Data
  • Polish Ruby


  • Fix Wiring
  • Clean Toilet


  • Ventilation
  • Start Fans
  • Accept Diverted Power
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  • Empty Garbage


  • Upload Data


  • Download Data

Cargo Bay

  • Fuel Engines
  • Unlock Safe

Additional Tasks

  • Avert Crash Course (limited time)
  • Fix Lights
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Moreover, Several changes are also being made for imposters in vent locations, sealable doors, and physical sabotages. Players also get access to a larger wardrobe including angry eyebrows, a heart pin, rubber glove, unicorn head hats etc.

Among Us is available on platforms like PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android. Android Users can download this new update from here.

Download Among Us Airship Update

  1. Download the game file from the download button below.

2. After this, extract the file and install the apk.

3. You can now start the game and then, allow the storage permissions.

4. You can now enjoy the game

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