Among Us PlayStation 5 and PS4 Release Confirmed -Sony

The Playstation release of this social deduction game has been rumoured for console release since last year. And, recently, Sony confirmed Among Us for PlayStation 5 and PS4 release soon.

Among Us is finally releasing for PS4 and PS5 three years after its debut in 2018. The 2020 hit Among Us will release sometime this year, said Sony during the State of Play presentation on Thursday. Moreover, PS4 and PS5 will feature an exclusive special Ratchet and Clank-themed costume.

Playstation version of the game will also feature cross-platform support like on other platforms. Means, you can play Among Us with any of your friends irrespective of the platform. According to Sony, PlayStation players will get exclusive Ratchet & Clank-theme skin and hat for their character sprites along with Clank as an additional independent accessory.

Innersloth’s Among Us debuted in 2018 and received massive popularity overnight in 2020. It became the most popular video game of the year 2020 with an enormous fanbase.

Among Us PlayStation Release announcement

The developers added many new features since the game sparked up in 2020. It is the most downloaded game of last year.

Among Us is a multiplayer game where 4-10 players take the roles of spaceship crew members. However, there’re few alien imposters among the crew who has to blend in simultaneously sabotaging and murdering the other players.

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