Among Us Tasks from Simple to Hard – Ranking in Order

Among Us has become one of the most popular video game of 2020. The game being released in 2018 has now dominated both the platforms PC and Mobile. InnerSloth’s colourful online multiplayer game has become the hottest trend on the Internet. The obsession of players over Among Us is unquestionable and the player base keeps increasing day by day.

The game is all about betrayal and deceit. It is played with friends, where 4-10 players take the roles of spaceship crew members. However, there’re few alien imposters among the crew whose objective is to blend in while simultaneously sabotaging and murdering the other players without being caught.

If you are a crewmate, it’s not easy for you to win. Crewmates have several tasks to complete in-game before impostor kills them all. You not only have to complete the tasks but also keep an eye on any suspicious teammate.

There are many tasks in Among Us and difficulty vary from Simple to hard depending upon the time it requires. Let us have a close look at all the tasks in Among Us from simple to hard.

Tasks in Among Us is divided into:

  • Common tasks
  • Long tasks
  • Short tasks

Common tasks

Every player in Among UUs receives common tasks. Common tasks are not even long nor shot, it’s given randomly to crewmates such as Insert Keys, Swipe Card, Scan Boarding Pass, Fix wiring, etc.

Long tasks

As the same says, Long tasks in among us require a large amount of time as compared to all the task. Players have to take 3 or 2 rounds of the map to complete a single task. Long tasks are challenging and difficult one, you may get hunted by impostors. These tasks include Fix Weather Node, Start Reactor, Reboot Wifi, Fuel Engines, Fix Electrical Wiring, etc.

Short tasks

The short tasks are easier, requires less time and effort to complete. you do not have to work much to complete short tasks. 

Tasks like Navigation: Chart Course, Admin: Swipe Card, Navigation: Stabilize steering, Prime Shields, and Unlock Manifolds are the easiest short tasks which can be completed quickly.

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