Angry Birds AR Isle of Pigs now on Android

Rovio Entertainment’s augmented reality Angry Birds Isle of Pigs is available on Google Play store now.The game was earlier introduced to iOS and is now available for android devices too.

Angry Bird is free to play so it contains ads and in app purchase option.Players can play the game for free with ads or pay for an ad-free game-play experience.This augmented reality game consist of 78 levels where players can walk around structures and over the objects in surroundings to find better angles and weak elements for accuracy.

Due to augmented reality we can have a realistic gameplay experience, however the basic concept of game remains the same to kill the green pigs by launching birds and retrieve the eggs.AR adds a spice to game providing real-world view.There are hidden surprises from which players can earn,unlock and collect extra points as they move further.

Good thing is AR version of angry bird is free to play but you can purchase on Play store to avoid ads.

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