Apex Legend Release Free Star War Skins

Electronic Art’s first person shooting game Apex Legends 3.2 Update dropped out now on Xbox and PS4. This new update Increases the level cap and is major one in game.

Apex legends XP to Increase game level has been reduced so that players can increase their level quick till 100.The level cap is increased from 100 to 500 now with amazing rewards and apex packs at different levels. A new gun charm is now available at every 100 level.The new knockdown shield is updated better from last one. Wattson’s ultimate Interception pylon is significantly more aggressive now in the way it shoots grenades i.e it can predict the trajectory of grenade within Interception Zone.

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Apart from some major updates apex legend also added Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s new skin to celebrate the launch of game. It allows you to dress up like  BD-1, Cal Kestis’s companion from the new Star Wars game and is absolutely free all you have to do is Login the Apex Legend game to earn this free skin.

A new Star war:Jedi skin will be available til January 14,2020.Go and Grab your skin asap !!

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