Battleground Mobile India Hotdrop Locations in Miramar

Miramar is the biggest map in BGMI similar to Erangel. This long deserted plain area has its own significance and impact. You need a good strategy, plan and cooperation to survive here. This article presents you the Hotdrop Locations in Miramar.

El Pozo

El Pozo another top drop location on Miramar map. With the highest loot possibility. It is a big town closer to main roads. And almost every building contains good loot. It is closer to hot zones so you can enter combat after being ready for a fight. Vehicles are easily accessible from here and attracts 4-5 squads every time.

Los Leones

Los Leones is one of big cities in Miramar located at center, having tall buildings, compounds and houses. Mostly famous for hotdrop, Los Leones is not only a rich loot zone but also death match arena. Regularly atleast 3-4 squads land here. Gun fight is unavoidable. This location has a high level loot probability. If you’re lucky enough you may find flare gun too.

Hacienda Del Patron

Hacienda Del Patron is most famous location on Miramar where Golden Mirado is spawned. Despite from that, this location has a decent loot probability, offering you enough compounds for better close combats. You can expect at least 4-5 squad here because of Golden Mirado.

Water Treatment

Water Treatment located on top left of Miramar is also a preferred place by squads for good loot. It’s an open plains area with very less compound. But it does offer some suitable amount of loot. At least 3 squads land here try to avoid gun fight if you don’t have a proper loot.


Last but not the least Pecado on Miramar provides us rich loot. By looking at the size of city the amount of loot available is high. It is considered among the top hot drop location of Miramar. The boxing ring and the casino here attract many players. You can expect 3 squads here as well.

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