Battlegrounds Mobile India: 3 Things to Try

Krafton’s Battlegrounds Mobile India is finally set to hit the play store back again in the country soon. The most awaited Indian PUBG mobile version is officially launching back in the country. The pre-registration for Battlegrounds Mobile India has already started, and the title is expected to release soon in the first or second week of June.

Eight months after the ban of PUBG Mobile in India, Battlegrounds Mobile India came as a relief for Indian PUBG Mobile fans. Now, the wait is almost over and the game is on its ways. Let’s talk about the things to Try in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

After the release o Indian specific Battlegrounds Mobile India, you can try out several things in the game like

Titan Strikes mode

The Titan Strikes mode is the latest mode in PUBG mobile 1.4 update, released on a global and region-specific server. This new mode promotes the Godzilla vs Kong collaboration, featuring 2 infamous giant monsters, Godzilla and Kong in-game.

This is the very first Things to try in the Indian version. In this mode, these 2 giant monsters rampant across the map hiding some good loot.

New Karakin map

Karakin is the 6th new 2×2 map of PUBG mobile. The map looks almost similar to Miramar with wide rocky areas and damaged buildings. Due to the small size of the map, only a maximum of 64 players can play. You can try many new features on this map.

It will feature Sticky Bombs, capable to stick on any surface and explode shortly after that.

Demolition Zone similar to Red Zone but it can destroy buildings as well.

You will also find underground bunkers and tunnels at various locations.

Metro Royale mode

Metro Royale mode which recently removed from the game might make its comeback soon. This another amazing mode to experience in Battlegrounds Mobile India. It features new gameplay where you fight monsters, buys & upgrade weapons in the Black Market, discovering a new apocalyptic world. 

Are you excited for Battlegrounds Mobile India?

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