Battlegrounds Mobile India: 5 Best Hot drops in Erangel

Battlegrounds Mobile India Early Access is live now for all Indian users. Even though it’s a beta release, gamers are still enjoying the intense gameplay action. Moreover, BMI early access also includes other PUBG Mobile features like Royale Pass and other game modes for players.

The game is similar to the global version but with few changes. It also features the same modes and maps in-game including Erangel. In this article, we’ve picked up the 5 Best Hot drops in Erangel.

1) Pochinki

Pochinki located at the center of Erangel is the largest city place with high loot percentage. It is among the top hot drops of Erangel. more than 20 people land here every time. It’s a risky situation here, but a good squad can secure some high number of kills in pochinki.

2) Sosnovka Military Base

Military Base is one of the most populated areas on the map where players have the highest chance to find level 3 armour, good weapons. Tons of players land at the military base so it’s quite difficult to get out alive. Be prepared and ready to kill.

3) Georgopol

Georgopol is a popular place in Pubg mobile known for a vast amount of loots and rare items. They divide this hot drop into two parts north and south, containers in south is most famous place for squads to land. You can wipe some player quickly if you get your hands on decent loot.

4) Rozhok

Rozhok is a primary location for many PUBG Mobile players. It has a decent loot rate and home to many squads, Gun fight is essential if a plane passes around this medium-sized city. If you’re familiar with every location in Rozhok securing some kills would be a simple task.

5) Novorepnoye

Novorepnoye, another big city on the south of map has the highest loot possibility and at least a primary location for 4 squads. Be quick to lands and get your hands on a gun ASAP. Players who’re good on containers can garner some great number of kills in Novo.

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