Battlegrounds Mobile India: How To become a Beta Tester?

The long wait is finally over, Battlegrounds Mobile India finally announced Open Beta live now on Google Play Store. However, only a limited number of players can test the game. To play the Open Beta test you have to register first.

This article is a guide to How you can become Battlegrounds Mobile India Beta Tester. Follow the process below to become a tester.

How To Become Beta Tester

1) First, visit the link here to officially become a Beta Tester for Battlegrounds Mobile India.

2) Click on the “Become a tester” button.

When you are successfully registered. The page will display a “Welcome to the testing program” message. It indicates you have now become a tester for Battleground Mobile India. Now head towards Google play store to download Battlegrounds Mobile India. Once the game is installed you will receive an update that includes a testing version of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Do note that, the Beta test version is unstable. If you encounter any bugs report them to the official BMI email:

Also, all your progress in the Beta version will be maintained in the main version. You can leave the testing program any time you wish to. Here’s how:

  • Uninstall the Beta testing version of Battlegrounds Mobile India.
  • Now, Install the main Battlegrounds Mobile India version on the Google Play Store.

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