Battlegrounds Mobile India New 1.6 Update Release date & New features

Indian Android gamers are celebrating the launch of PUBG Mobile as BGMI with great enthusiasm. The game turned out as a huge success grossing 50M downloads just after a month of release. While players are enjoying the recent 1.5 update,  the New BGMI 1.6 update is almost here.

New battlegrounds mobile India 1.6 update is scheduled for launch on 14th August 2021. This new update will bring exciting new features and interesting content in game. Players are highly anticipating release of BGMI 1.6 update, as it brings features like spaceship story, Vikendi 2.0 map, flying car, selfie-revive kit and many more exciting contents. 

In this article we will have a look at the BGMI 1.6 update release date and its new features one by one.

BGMI 1.6.Release Date

The new upcoming battlegrounds mobile India 1.6 update is expected to launch between 14th August – 20th August. Both pubg mobile and BGMI players can experience the update soon, probably anytime in the next week. Season 13 will end today. Hence, it is recommended to players to complete all the achievements and missions and grab all the rewards as soon as possible.  

New BGMI update also follows the new Battle Royale pass cycle which gets updated every month instead in 2 months. Let’s have a look at other upcoming features in 1.6 update. 


Spaceship in the BGMI 1.6 update bring the fantastic futuristic experience in battlegrounds. It is one of the most anticipated elements in the upcoming update. Spaceship is an UFO available only on the Erangel map. It contains high level loots, hence, it is tricky to enter the spaceship. Players have to either fly over then jump on to it or stand on the ground under its rays. You can easily exit the spaceship by jumping off and landing with the help of a parachute. 

Spaceship story mode

As always, the new upcoming version will have a new spaceship story mode. This brings amazing elements in-game providing players live action movies alike experience where aliens invade the earth. Players have to fight against aliens and Exo robots in the new spaceship story mode. 

Vikendi 2.0

Another major anticipated feature of Battlegrounds mobile India upcoming 1.6 version is brand new Vikendi 2.0 map. It is a revamped map with the more realistic aspects and elements in it. Public mobile in BGMI might bring vikendi 2.0 from PC version onto mobile devices. 

Flying Car

Introduction of futuristic technology in BGMI 1.6 also brings one of the most exciting features in the uodatem. Apart from spaceships, the new version will have flying cars as well in-game. Yeah not the hack one. However, the flying car on Erangel will have its limitations in terms of altitude and max speed. 

Self-revive kit

Self-revive kit was first introduced in the PUBG PC version 12.2. It will finally appear in Pubg mobile & BGMI in the 1.6 update as well. This self revival kit will be available only in team modes, such as Duo and Squad modes. As the name says, knocked players can revive themselves without the help of teammates. 

Are you excited for the upcoming New BGMI 1.6 update? 

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