Best 5 Android Shooting Games under 100MB

Mobile Gaming got onto another level because of new shooting games instalments like Call of duty mobile, PUBGM and Fortnite. Do you like Shooting genre games? We have brought you the best 5 shooting games for your android devices.

Warrior 63 – Battle Royale 3D

Battle Royale 3D– Warrior63 is an online battle royale game where 63 players battle it out on an island with weapons and vehicles. The match lasts maximum for 20 minutes where you have to fight more in less time. The game offers great graphics, precise controls, and a good community of players for an online battle-royale shooter game.

PVP Shooting Battle

Coming from Indian developers PVP Shotting Battle is a great game for Android devices. The game can be played smoothly on low-end phones, and it also offers online and offline options. It has very good graphics for a game under 100MB. Controls look amazing and systematic. Overall it’s a fun game.

N.O.V.A Legacy

N.O.V.A Legacy is a popular sci-fi action-adventure FPS game that offers tons of in-game features like Team Death match, powerful weapons and upgrades. The 3D models and skins are other amazing features of game which can be used to customize your marine in-game.

Gun War: Shooting Games

Gun War: Shooting Games is a third-person shooting game where you face different terrorist organizations around the world. The game features lots of weapons and also different levels. You can earn rewards and use it to upgrade your weapons in-game. It is a great third-person shooter with accurate control and lots of missions.

Battle Royale: FPS Shooter

Battle Royale: FPS Shooter is a game with colorful and fancy graphics, good controls and large weaponry with thirty weapons. This is a great shooter game like PUBG Mobile Lite. You can play with your friends, battle and survive the fierce ground. Set of weapons like assault rifles, snipers, shotguns etc will excite the gameplay experience.

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