Best 5 Fan-Favourite Missions of Gta San Andreas

GTA SA missions and storyline are one of the major reasons why the game remains one of the best titles in the GTA series. Rockstar Games GTA SA offers an incredible open-world map to players to roam and explore. This amazing game provided us with some of the greatest GTA missions of all-time that have stuck with us since childhood. This article presents the Best 5 Fan-Favourite Missions of Gta San Andreas.

1)Supply Lines

Supply lines is one of the popular and beloved missions of GTA SA mainly because of its difficulty level. This challenging mission remains with us even after a decade. You have to take out some rival delivery boys using the RC plane to shoot them down till you run out of fuel. Flying the plane is much harder when you try to avoid hitting buildings, lights or vehicles.

2)Saint Mark’s Bistro

Saint Mark’s Bistro is a mission from the past that takes CJ back to liberty city of GTA 3. It is a mafia business involving shoot-out. But what makes Saint Mark’s Bistro memorable is CJ going back to liberty city which bonds the relation between the events of GTA trilogy.

3)Green Goo

Green Go is one the best mission in GTA SA where CJ collabs with an amazing side character, The Truth. Players get one of the best item in SA, jetpack, which they have to use for attacking a moving train to steal secrets from the US government. The design, action and environment makes Green Goo one of the memorable Fan-Favourite SA mission.

4)Just Business

Just Business is the last mission of GTA San Andreas. The motive of Just Business was Big Smoke’s attempt to kill CJ in SA. The whole mission is exciting with a high-speed chase where you have to protect Big Smoke from the Russian mafia. CJ on the backseat has to shoot down as many enemies as possible. It is a long, exciting mission and most memorable mission of GTA SA.

5)End of the Line

End of the Line is the conclusion of GTA SA. In this final mission of GTA SA you hunt down Big Smoke who was one of the closest friends throughout the game. But, his betrayal marks his end by CJ. End of the Line has everything you need for a perfect ending. GTA: SA’s final mission End of the Line is well-crafted and definitely a Fan-Favourite.

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