Best 5 GTA Vice City Mods for Better graphics

GTA Vice City is one of the most beloved titles in the series. The sixth game in the GTA franchise is still a blast. Though VC did not have better graphics being released in 2001. Even after the decades, the fanbase is persistent. All thanks to GTA Vice City Mods.

Do you ever feel like revisiting childhood classic GTA Vice City? with better graphics, gameplay and enhanced texture. The modding community released many graphic mods that deliver the best gameplay experience in terms of quality. However, sometimes it gets confusing where to look.

In this article, we picked the Best 5 GTA Vice City Mods for better graphics.

GTA Vice Cry Reborn

GTA Vice Cry storyline remains one of the best, but the same can’t be said about graphics. And GTA Vice Cry Reborn Mod adds life to the sprawling city with brilliant graphics and textures. This mod is the iconic surface blender. It’s unlike anything seen in back days. You should definitely give it a try.

GTA VC ICEnhancer 0.6.6

ICEnhancer 0.6.6 brings the upgraded modification to Vice City. It is the most popular and best graphic mods for GTA VC. The mod features upgraded time-cycles, better colours, reflections, improved lighting, shadows, and other effects. ICEnhancer adds notable changes to the game. It is the best graphic mods to achieve the best-looking Vice City possible. 

GTA Vice City Widescreen Fix

The modding community released a bunch of mods to help make our game look considerably deeper and better. With advance gadgets and HD displays, you definitely want to enjoy the game in a 16:9 ratio. GTA Vice City Widescreen Fix delivers high-resolution gameplay and is the best Vice City mods for better graphics. Try this mod and enjoy your favourite VC at 1080p resolution.


Project2DFX removes the limiters placed on graphics effects like lighting coronas, put by the company in back days to accommodate PC hardware. It therefore significantly increases the visual and overall graphics of the game to modern standards. TI makes the game look more lively than ever especially at night. 

Vice City Remastered HUD Interface

Vice City Remastered HUD Interface is one of the most amazing graphical enhancement. This mod aims to improve all the elements of the game such as icons, UI remaster, colours, visual and more. It is the best and amazing graphic mod of GTA Vice City. 

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