Best 5 High Graphics Android Games of February 2020

This month’s list of High Graphic Android games are here. Check Below.

5 The School – White Day

The School: White Day, is a 2015 survival horror video game developed by ROI Games & Gachyon Soft. A remake of the 2001 game of the same name, Players control Lee Hui-min, a new transfer student at a local high school who sneaks into the institution after hours to prepare a white day surprise for his crush, Han So-young. Upon entry, Hui-min becomes trapped and begins to encounter the supernatural. You have to solve puzzles to progress through the school, to leave the building before dawn. Game offers a very good graphic. This horror game is a must try offline game.

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4 Animal Adventure: Downhill Rush

Animal Adventure: Downhill Rush is an arcade game where you take on the life of a friendly deer on a sled. Your aim is to keep him safe and sound as he sleds down the mountain full speed ahead all the way to the end of each circuit. There are loads of different circuits with a variety of levels of difficulty in each one. It is a very fun game. Game offers simple mechanics and spectacular graphics are outstanding.

3 Infinity Souls

Infinity Souls is an action-adventure game where players play the brave challenge to each trial to become a watcher who guards the balance of the continent. There are a total of 6 careers to choose from in the game: knights, mercenaries, warriors, archers, double swordsmen, wizards. The boss in each scene is fierce, and the types are different. Defeat the main boss to randomly drop the legendary weapon. Must try offline game for your android devices.

2 Takashi Ninja Warrior – Shadow of Last Samurai

Takashi – Ninja Warrior is an action game developed by Horizon Games. Takashi is one of best action RPG fighting game where you can be the bravest shadow warrior assassin who fights to stop darkness from rising. Takashi offers excellent graphic with smooth gameplay and control. Storyline of the game keep you immersed. This is one of great games to play in terms of Action and Graphics.

1 Real Car Parking 2020

In terms of graphics this is an excellent car-parking game.Real Car Parking is a driving game where it doesn’t matter how fast you drive. Instead, you’ll need to park your car as well as you can in this excellent game that stands out especially for its stellar graphics. There are various game modes in Real Car Parking where you have to park following the rules.

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