Best 5 Memorable Missions of GTA VC & SA

Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto series introduced tons of incredible missions in the game. And these handful of excellent missions make it a great series! From GTA VC to GTA SA there were some memorable missions in the game that set forth the trend and inspired the recent titles. Have a look at the Best 5 Memorable Missions of GTA VC & SA. 

5) The Job

The legendary GTA VC heist – The Job is the iconic mission in the whole series. It aligns many missions and storylines in the Vice city. You have to rob the money out of the vault as more and more enemies start dropping inside the main room it is tricky. As soon as you exit the bank your driver dies leading to another challenging escape in the game. The job is a brilliant mission which started Grand Theft Auto’s bank heists trend which has now become a major part in the recent titles. 

4)End of the Line 

One of the most iconic and fans favourite End of the Line is the conclusion of GTA SA. In this final mission of GTA SA you hunt down Big Smoke who was one of the closest friends throughout the game. Bt, his betrayal marks his end by CJ. End of the Line has everything you need for a perfect ending. GTA: SA’s final mission End of the Line is well-crafted.

3) Death Row

Death Row is an excellent fun mission inf GTA VC. An RC plane in Death row doubles the challenge through the worst traffic conditions, followed by an insane shootout, leading to a rescue. Moreover, players also have to keep an eye on Lance’s health bar(rescuee). Even though the mission is challenging this remains the one of most memorable from GTA VC.

2) Keep your friends close 

Keep your friends close is the best and amazing mission in GTA Vice City. It is all about betrayal and action. Tommy gets betrayed by one of his closest allies Lance Vance. The mission features one of the biggest challenges – gunfights in VC where you kill Lance, take revenge on Sonny to become the boss of Vice City.

1) Just Business

Just Business is the last mission of GTA San Andreas. The motive of Just Business was Big Smoke’s attempt to kill CJ in SA. The whole mission is exciting with a high-speed chase where you have to protect Big Smoke from the Russian mafia. CJ on the backseat has to shoot down as many enemies as possible. It is a long, exciting mission and most memorable mission of GTA SA. 

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