Best 5 Minecraft Mobs with Highest HP

Even though Minecraft isn’t a tough game, there are a few difficult creatures that you’ll have to fight hard to kill. These monsters frequently have deadly attacks, deal a lot of damage, and have a lot of health. Look at Minecraft mobs with Highest HP.

The Wither

In Minecraft, there are two additional “buildable” bosses: The Java version only has 150 hearts, however the Bedrock version has 300, which is even more than the Warden version. Build a T block with Soul Sand or Soul Soil, then lay the three skulls on top to summon a wither in Minecraft. When the Wither spawned, it would produce a massive explosion, destroying everything in its path.

Wither Skulls are the Wither’s main attack, doing damage and inflicting the Withering Status effect. Wither skulls come in two varieties: a fast-moving black one and a slower-moving blue one. Withers is impervious to the effects of the environment, can repair itself over time, and will acquire five hearts if they kill another mob.


The Warden is the creature with the highest HP to date, having been added to Minecraft as part of the 1.18 snapshots. It has the most hearts (500HP) of any mob in the game, and it also deals the most damage. On hard difficulty, a single hit from the warden would deplete the player’s heart by 22.5, which is already more than the maximum HP of 20.

The Ender Dragon

Minecraft’s final boss is the Ender Dragon. It has a 100-heart Health Bar that may be seen (200HP). Players must first destroy the Obelisks before battling the Ender Dragon, as they will heal the boss over time. The Ender Dragon’s primary strike is a series of highly damaging fireballs that remain on the ground and inflict damage on players who tread on them.

Iron golem

The Iron Golem is a massive, powerful neutral utility creature that protects both players and villagers. It’s one of the few monsters in the game that can be either created or spawned spontaneously. Iron Golems are one of the most useful mobs in Minecraft, with a high HP (100) and damage. They may be employed for a variety of purposes.

Outside of the Creeper, they attack all hostile mobs. When an iron golem kills a mob, the player can get things dropped by the mob but not experience orbs, unlike a real pet.

Elder Guardian

An elder guardian is a larger and more powerful version of the guardian located inside an Ocean Monument. It has the most HP of any aquatic mob in Minecraft (80). They can strike in three ways: by shooting its laser, inducing mining weariness, or using a defensive thorn-like attack.

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