5 Sky: Children of the Light

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Sky: Light Awaits is a puzzle adventure game released by Thatgamecompany,. Sky: Light Await will take you on an adventurous adventure in the fantasy world. A colorful world, poetic landscapes are waiting for you to discover. It takes you on a journey to find mystery hidden in forgotten kingdom. You have to fly towards the light and stay away from the cruel night. The game has beautiful graphics and smooth control.

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4 Ylands

Ylands is a 2019 sandbox game developed by Bohemia Interactive.The game has been compared to Minecraft and features a built-in editor that allows players to make their own scenarios. Ylands gives players freedom in creation and modification of the countryside. Players can create their own character and choose an environment. Environments include temperate, tropical, winter, etc. The editor allows the player to create their own scenario which allows gameplay set in different eras such as Wild West, medieval Europe or a steampunk world and others.

3 Reign of Amira

Reign of Amira is an action-adventure game. The story of the game revolves around the princess’s continuity and adventure, and she defends the temple against a group of enemies invading her bow and arrow. This wave after game fighting waves constantly escalates the level of difficulty as it offers enemies and multiple head characters. Continuous combat mechanic allows smooth play on a portable touch screen. Collect coins as you defeat your enemies and use them to buy improved weapons.

2 Chronicle of Forgotten

Chronicle of Forgotten is a new action RPG game developed on Unreal Engine 4 engine played as third-person perspective. Go through various obstacles, killing enemies explore beautiful locations in game. Game has an amazing graphic with unique soundtrack and dynamic game play. This game is one of great mobo RPG games available for free on PlayStore.

1 Unknown Fate

Unknown Fate Is a first-person single player adventure game with many in-game puzzles to solve throughout your mysterious journey. This game takes you in an incredible world of lost memories where your main aim is to uncover the truth solving puzzles around you. The graphics of game are outstanding as compare to others in the list. The story line and graphics of game make it a top high graphic games of Android 2020.

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