Best 5 Place to Rank Push in BGMI

With BGMI live now for Android players, many Indian Gamers have only one objective to climb the leaderboard. All players have their own gameplay style and surviving is the essential part to top the leaderboard. While many players like to engage in early fights and some play it safe. This article features the Best 5 Place to Rank Push in BGMI.

1) Quarry in Erangel

Quarry in Erangel is the underrated location that carries a well good amount of loot. The warehouse and houses here have great loot here to equip. For rank pushers, Quarry is a safe spot for landing. Hardly any squads land here.

2) Impala in Miramar

the best spot for safe landing and rank push on the Miramar map is Impala. Impala has enough loot for an entire squad and comprises houses, churches, and several compounds, densely packed. You will hardly encounter any opponents in the early stages of the match here.

3) Kampong in Sanhok

Sanhok is the smallest and fast map in BGMI mainly known for intense combat. There’s hardly any safe location to land here due to its small size. Kampong in Sanhok could be the nicest place if you are rank pushing. It has a decent amount of loots and very few players land here.

4) El Azahar in Miramar

El Azahar in Miramar is the safest spot located at the center of the map. You can safely land and prepare yourself with good loot here. Moreover, you also have the advantage of easy zone rotation from El Azahar in Miramar.

5) Water Town in Erangel

Water Town situated near Rozhok in Erangel is a popular place. It is also a perfect spot for ranking on Erangel Map. It is a good spot to equip yourself with good loot peacefully. Hardly any squads land here during early stages.

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