Best 5 Realistic Mods for GTA 5

Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto is one of the most successful PC games ever, and mods could be another reason. GTA community is the best community in the world, and it never let us down. Regular mod updates during recent events have taken GTA V gameplay to a new and more exciting level. Let’s take a look at some of the Best Realistic mods for GTA 5 to improve your gaming experience.

GTA Redux

GTA 5 Redux highly updates the game mechanics, physics, sound, and every element bringing you the best open-world gaming experience. The mod overhauls all the elements in the game with realistic visuals. The mod also uses GTA 4’s Euphoria physics engine to add a better and clean touch to the game.  

Basic Needs Mod Pack

The basic needs mod pack turns the GTA open-world title into a survival game. Strive for basic needs in-game like thirst, food as an average person. Moreover, the mod displays a stress meter that puts the character to sleep when full. It also adds essential stay places such as restaurants, motels, and safe houses for players to rest as a basic need.

World of Variety

The World of Variety deals with all the identical things in game. It bassically get rid of similar cars, identical characters, houses, people on the map. The mod takes several assests, modela from GTA Online and put it into the single player version of Los Santos. It drastically increases NPCs and the traffic in the city.

Better Chases+

Better Chases makes the game much more engaging modifying the game’swanted system. After the chase is over complements the arrest warrant system with new gameplay . Overall, this is the most wanted system among Realism mods for GTA 5. Every character who has a arrrest warrent, has to change their vehicle to stop the police chase. They can easily identify your vehicle on warrant.

Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement

The mod being a an excclent AI to GTA 5. It allows pedestrains to call police during an emergency. However, you can kill them before dialing 911 and get away easily.

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