Best 5 Vehicles for beginners in GTA Online

GTA 5 is an open world game from the most popular gaming brand, allowing players to explore the map by roaming around it. Because the map is so large, players must be able to move quickly. Aside from missions and role-playing components, automobiles are one of the most important aspects of GTA.

This forces new players to make quick car purchases in GTA Online. They don’t, however, always make the best decision. Here’s Top Five Best Vehicles For Beginners In GTA Online.

5. Bravado Banshee 900R – $565,000

Banshee is one of the few cars which offers great handling along with fast track. It is one of the most compatible beginner vehicles in GTA Online. Also its not much expensive which makes 900R a great deal who have fairly less money than other players.

4. Annis Elegy RH8 – $95,000

The Elegy RH8 is not only great at handling but also very fast and boasts excellent acceleration. It is also a good car for players who want dashing cars. Considering its cost, it is arguably one of the best beginner cars featured in GTA Online.

3. Vapid Dominator – $35,000

The vapid type of cars are popular among GTA players for being compatible and efficient. Not only this vehicle is extremely fast and nimble but also incredibly great at cornering. This makes this vehicle good to use for novice drivers.

2. Imponte Duke O’Death – $665,000

As GTA Online is a PvP based game, it is known for being hostile so you need to have offensive power as well armor to protect yourself. Duke O’Death is simply put forth one of the best armored cars available at such cheap price. This is possible one of the best cars for beginners to get a armor car.

1. Karin Kuruma (Armored) – $698,250

GTA Online has number of armored vehicles which are capable of taking their fair share of mishaps without blowing up in pieces. but Kuruma is better of them all. Inspired by real life Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X and the Subaru Impreza WRX STi, with offering best handling. Perfect vehicle for a beginner.

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