Best M416 Locations in PUBG Mobile | Guide

PUBG Mobile is one of the popular Battle Royale game and has evolved a lot since its release. PUBG mobile battle royale has become a phenomenon with an enormous player base globally. With millions of player base PUBG mobile triumph as the best game on Android/iOS devices. 

PUBG mobile offers an arsenal of weapons from shotguns, ARs to sniper rifles. Assault rifles in-game are the most used weapon and today we’ll discuss the most beloved Assault Rifle in PUBG Mobile -M416. M416 is the most versatile and powerful weapon in PUBG Mobile. It has proved its significance in the game many a time. M416 allows a great amount of flexibility and it’s beast with proper attachments. The gun loads 5.56mm bullets with good damage base. Let us have a look at the best locations in PUBG mobile to find M416.

M416 Locations in PUBG Mobile

Pochinki (Erangel)

Pochinki located at centre of Erangel is the largest city place with high loot percentage. It is among the top hot drops of Erangel. more than 20 people land here every time. You can easily find the M416 here.

School (Erangel)

School near Rozhok has the highest loot possibility and at least a primary location for 1-2 squads. The possibility of finding M416 here is decent. You may also get your hands on 6x if lucky.

Pecado ( Miramar)

Ruins in Sanhok is another loot arena with the highest possibility of M416 and high-level items to find. It has three floors and a basement which can be used for an advantage during close combat. At least 3 squads lands here in Sanhok.

Ruins (Sanhok)

Pecado on Miramar provides us rich loot and you can find sniper rifles here easily. It is considered among the top hot drop location of Miramar and has a great possibility of M416 here. The boxing ring and the casino here attract many players.

Novorepnoye (Erangel)

Novorepnoye, another big city on the south of the map has the maximum loot possibility of M416. It’s a primary location for 4 squads. Be quick to lands and get your hands on gun ASAP. A player who’s good on containers can garner some great number of kills in Novo.

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