BEST Survival Android Games March 2020

We have already covered the best games in other categories like Action a, adventure and Low-end. Let’s have a look at Best Survival Games for Android to play in March 2020.

5 Exile Survival

Exile Survival is a 3D role-playing and action game set in an original world halfway between prehistoric times and medieval fantasy.Players have to to survive in this hostile world and fight against tons of enemies. You can also build your own home, cook food, and make friends with other characters.It is an excellent game that combines aspects of role-playing, survival, and action.

4 Steven Seagal’s Archipelago Survival

Steven Seagal’s Archipelago Survival is a new RPG survival game on Android. In this game you will control a legendary action hero, who must go on the next mission. Explore the lost in the ocean and stop the terrorists who are conducting dangerous experiments that threaten to destroy all of humanity. Navigate and explore a lost island, search for resources you need and find weapons and gear for the hero. Build your own base on the island and join the battle with many enemies by applying their skills and techniques. Survive on a desert island and get ready to face powerful bosses.

3 Dark Days

Dark Days Survival Horror is an action and survival game that’s inspired by Last Day on Eart. This time, you must survive in a devastated world where the only other survivors are animals and zombies. ark Days Survival Horror is a good survival game that includes an entertaining gameplay.

2 Lego Cube

Lego Cube is an open-world videogame that lets you experience an infinite world of possibilities. It is very much similar to Minecraft in terms of Gameplay. The game ports you in an open-world where you can create all kind of objects and structures with LEGO bricks. Travel around, get materials and tools, and build everything from scratch in an infinite world. LEGO Cube is an awesome game that will bring you a new kind of experience. You can create your own new dreamworld with LEGO.

1 L.O.S.T

L.O.S.T is one of best collect build and survive game for android devices. Your plane get crashed on an unknown Island, you have to craft weapons and tools, build houses and survive under the hardship of the dangers of mother nature, battling the darkness of human nature. The game also supports Multiplayer mode so you can make friends to battle enemies to collect the limited amount of resources on the island. This is the best survival game to play during quarantine.

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