BGMI: 10 Tips to Win Classic Match

Battlegrounds Mobile India dominated the mobile gaming scene in India. Release early this month, BGMI alread has a huge fan base of million players (keeps growing everyday). Teh thrill and excitement of Indian gamers are on top. Every player is trying their best on battlegrounds for Chicken Dinner. And, why should you be left behind. You all deserves a chicken Dinner in BGMI. Here are the 10 Tips to Win a Classic Match in Battlegrounds Mobile India

1) Even though every player has their gameplay style, sometimes it gets really difficult to surive in hotdrop locations(because of no guns, ammos and healings). So, drop at the moderate or safe locations, and avoid combat during initial stages of the game. Equip yourself with enough items like weapons, first aids and grenades before you rush into a fight.

2) Drop/jump from 750m distance from the marked location to land quickly. 

3) Find the vehicle for you to move quickly from one point to another. Walking barefoot can expose you to enemies and you may end up as a crate soon. 

4) Always make sure you have enough cover before engaging in fights.

5) Avoid Airdrops, airdrops can be a risky thing. It can be easily located and used as a bait from other squads. You may receive shots from all the directions unknowingly. It’s better to Avoid airdrops to survive till the last circle.

6) Enable Peek and Fire option. This option allows you to peek behind the cover by only exposing your head and hiding the whole body. This makes it very difficult for and enemy to shoot you down. Go to settings > Basic, choose Enable right next to Peek & Fire.

7) Improve your skills and game sense. Keep an eye on mini map and ears open. Determine the position of the enemies by their footstep or gunshot sound quickly to make an effective decision .i.e to kill or run.

8) Make the best use of grenades. Smoke can be used to blind your opponents and change locations. While frag or stun grenades can help clear the room.

4th Mistakes IN BGMI

9) You can also throw melee weapons to confuse your enemies and reveal their position.

10) You can trap your enemies with help of some gas cans in the smoke and blast it to knock them out.

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