BGMI: Best 5 Beginners Weapon In-game

Even though Battlegrounds Mobile India features a large arsenal of weapons, for starters you need a good reliable gun that requires less skill. From Melee weapons, shotguns, Assault Rifles, and pistols to Sniper rifles, BGMI has all kinds of weapons in-game. However, it is quite difficult for beginners to control all the powerful lethal weapons at the start. Therefore, we listed the Best 5 Beginners Weapon in BGMI.

Note: Below mentioned list is not in order


UMP45 belongs to SMG class, and considered the most stable weapon in BGMI. The craze for UMP45 is skyrocketed in BGMI nowadays. UMP has very low recoil as compared to all the weapons in game. It comes with decent base damage. The accuracy over short distances makes UMP45 unparalleled when it comes to damage dealt. All thanks to its lowest recoil that players can use with ease defeating enemies. UMP45 is good for close combats.


When it comes to close-range combat in Battlegrounds Mobile India, UZI excels the chart. It packs a powerful speed and magically brings down any enemy in close range. This gun loads 9mm of bullets and has better stability, less recoil with higher damage that wipe out few members of the squad. UZI can load 35 bullets with proper attachments and is the deadliest in close combat.


Dp28 is a light machine gun that fires 47 rounds of 7.62mm of bullets. Most players prefer DP28 to Assault Rifle because of the high stability and long rounds. It’s a reliable weapon that promises victory in various situations. 47 rounds increase the probability of clearing an entire squad at once. For beginners, DP-28 is an excellent Weapon in BGMI for you.


Scar-L is among the stable and mostly preferred AR by newbies. It has a large room for attachments that make vertical and horizontal recoil control easy. SCAR-L has a Firing rate of 69 and deals substantial damage of 41. It is a useful Assault rifle in the game for close combat.


AUG is the best weapon for New players in BGMI. It comes with a minimum recoil control with high damage. This air drop weapon must not be preferred by old PUBG mobile players but definitely a good option for new players in-game. You can easily knock enemies with help of AUG.

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