BGMI Ultimate Guide to PP-Bizon (9mm)

BGMI offers a wide variety of firearms ranging from snipers, shotguns, pistons, AR to SMGs. Battlegrounds Mobile India has become a phenomenon with millions of fanbase and active players participating every day. Weapons in BGMI are the primary reason for an enormous fanbase. Each weapon in the game has its significance and advantages. 

SMG class is one of the most prominent classes that excel in close combat. BGMI offers some of the lethal SMGs in-game that stand out from all the other weapons. Here’s the BGMI Guide to one of the lethal and newest SMG: PP-Bizon.

PP-Bizon in BGMI

PP Bizon is a 9mm Russian submachine gun introduced in BGMI recently. It’s the 5th SMG weapon in the game and only available in two maps Erangel and Vikendi. PP-Bizon holds up to 53 rounds of 9MM in a single magazine and is perfect for close combat and rush in. 

It works great in full-auto mode, inflicts good damage but less as compared to other SMG Vector and UMP9. However, 53 bullets in one round are enough to bring down a whole squad. Bizon can alone dominate the room if you use it wisely and master it.

PP-Bizon Stats

  • Ammunition Type: 9mm
  • Magazine Size: 53
  • Hit Damage: 35
  • Fire Rate: 0.056
  • Reload Time: 2.5s
  • Firing Modes: Single, Auto


In terms of attachment, Bizon holds room for 3 attachments – flash hiders, muzzles, and scope. Because of higher magazine capacity, PP-Bizon does not require extended mag or extended quickdraw mag. It holds no space for any grips and Mag.

Bizon’s scopes ranged from Holographic Sight to 6x and support all the muzzle attachments. It has low recoil due to the built-in firing stability mechanism and deals single-shot damage of 35.

PP-Bizon is a great weapon in BGMI that can save your life on various occasions in an early game. It’s perfect for close combat at early stages in-game. PP-Bizon possesses potential and is effective in terms of performance as well.

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