Call of Duty: Mobile Esports Tournament with PRIZE pool of $1M

Call of Duty: mobile dominated the battle royale games chart on Android and iOS devices during the release last year. Activision’s COD:Mobile adaption was a successful Installment in mobo devices with over more than 100M downloads within a week.

Activision made an official announcement of Call of Duty: Mobile Esports tournament .i.e COD: Mobile 2020 World Championship with a prize pool of $1M, lucky ones can win amazing gifts and rewards.

The Qualifiers will kick off from 30th April and run through 24th May – best Team to qualify can finally participate in Tournaments. Find out the prize structure, arrangement and more details here.

Activision finally steps in the Mobile esports tournament with the best COD spinoff. Other company like Tencant and Supercell has already created a hype in mobile esports tournament through titles like PUBG and Clash of Clans, respectively.

Are you excited for Call of Duty: Mobile 2020 World Championship?


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