Call of Duty: Mobile – New Map and Gunsmith Update

Call of Duty Mobile receives the highly-anticipated Gunsmith update of Season 9. Season9 is live now with new Battle pass, New map, new skins, Gunsmith feature and some crucial changes to the battle royale mode. While COD: Warzone has grabbed a lot of attention,  Activision is trying the best to offer improved game play experience on mobile version.

The New update of COD: Mobile includes huge advances and changes in game. One of the most revolutionary update finally hits the COD mobile version – Gunsmith feature.

Gunsmith Feature

Gunsmith is a popular feature from PC/Console COD games. It’s a “game-changing” feature inspired from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. This new feature allows players to fully customize a weapon with lots of customization options available and save it.

Players can customize up to nine gameplay attachments and four cosmetic attachments. There are more than 50 attachments available in Gunsmith. Build- customize your ultimate weapon and save the changes so you do not have to customize it everytime.

List of components you can change with COD: Mobile Gunsmith feature are: Muzzle, Barrel, Stock, Optic, Underbarrel, Rear Grip, Ammunition, Laser, Perk. You can also add stickers to your weapons. The introduction of Gunsmith Feature in COD:Mobile is a massive change, that players have been longing for.

New Map- Shipment 1944

Call of Duty Mobile also launches a new and one of most beloved map from Call of Duty MW PC/Console version. The new map called ‘Shipment 1944’ is a close quarter map. Players have to be careful while and keep an eye on corners and enemy constantly.

In addition to that, COD: Mobile Season9 brings amazing new changes to game like new battle pass, new emotes, character skins, weapons and some minor advances to battle royale mode.

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