Activision’s bestselling first-person-shooting game Call of Duty sixteenth addition Call of Duty: Modern Warfare scored excellent review.Its only been few month since Call of Duty hit the shelves and crossed 148 million downloads on Android and iOS.

Call of Duty sits on top being the most popular battle royal game in mobile now defeating PUBG Mobile and Fortnite. Activision is back with new update Prop hunt mode in COD Mobile now.We have already seen prop hunt mode in COD MW, Black Ops III, WWII, and Black Ops IV COD fans must know.

Prop Hunt mode is finally out now in Call of Duty Mobile.It has two team hiders and hunters ,where hiders get 30 seconds to find a hiding place on map and hunters have to find it out.It was one of the favorite modes of the community.Prop team players are given Deadly silence perk to make them quiet.

Go try it yourself now and stay tuned for latest updates.

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