Call Of Duty Mobile: Report Hackers

Call of Duty Mobile is Activision’s bestselling first-person-shooting multiplayer game that sits on top with 100 million downloads on iOS and Android devices.The increase in number of players has also led to an increase in number of hackers and cheater in game due to which the players are facing difficulties to have a fair game-play.

The multiplayer game being on top players may face hackers expected by developers hence they included a reporting system tool to flag the hackers’ accounts for suspected hackers in-game. Hacks allow players to fire aimless headshots (bot aim),high jump, speed hack,see and fire through wall & open map view to identify enemy positions which is completely unfair. Activision will be adding more report options to the game soon.

We can report hackers in Call of Duty mobile after the end of Match.When the game ends a scoreboard with list of players and stats appears ,if you have to report a player tap on the Exclamation icon on the top right corner of scoreboard.A display with list of all players appears by opponents name as well ours.Report screen has several report options check the suspected cheaters and report option to report the players. Report would flag the account.Once the suspected account gets too many flags, it would get inspected and depends on the violations, the developers would deal with it.

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