Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 Live Now New Map,New Mode

Call of Duty: Mobile season 3 Update about was lately announced by Activision,is live out now on Android and iOS devices.New Season brings us lots of new features in-game with new Battle Pass,map,challenges and rewards etc.New Premiumm Pass offers exclusive contents like weapons and skins as well as the ability to gain more XP for quicker rank progression.

Season 3 major update includes New Modes and New Map.Cage & Scrapyard is the new Mad added to COD:Mobile.Scrapyard is inspired from MW2 that provide lots of mid-range battle space and actions.Its a medium-sized map and first multiplayer map in Season 3.While Cage is exclusively added in game which is only available for Team Deathmatch mode and Sniper-only mode.Cage also features the headquarters building of Tencent in its background.

A new ‘Rapid Fire’ mode additionally added to COD:Mobile this season. Rapid Fire mode is a new multiplayer mode in game that provide players unlimited access to weapons, ammo,grenades and sped up operator skill cool-downs. However,Rapid fire mode will only be available for a limited time period.Developers also confirmed to remove the other limited time period modes soon.

Along with Rapid Fire mode,new Warfare mode is also added to game 2 teams of 20 players will battle among each other.Players have unlimited access to weapon load-outs with endless re-spawning. First team to score 150 kills wins the match.

If you are COD:Mobile fans,Go get your devices on an do let me know what you think about new maps and modes.

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