Call Of Duty Mobile Season 6 Update: Once Upon A Time In Rust

Call of Duty Mobile Season6 Update is LIVE Now with new features, game modes, weapons, battle royale class, operator skill and many other updates added in-game.

Season 6 update based on Wild West themed titled as “Once Upon A Time In Rust” brings us a brand new map Rust in-game.

COD:Mobile has already some amazing game modes and Tencent’s planning to make it more interesting and enjoyable by some new interactive game modes added that will keep your eyes stuck on screen.

Two new game maps have been added in the game. Rust -a classic desert oil outpost from Modern Warfare 2 is finally in COD:Mobile supports a brand new season 6 event called Rust the Dust.

Another map called Saloon is specially designed for the 1vs1 Duel mode. Players can finally battle 1v1 on a special map designed for duel. The 1vs1 duel match consist of 3 rounds, with each rounds being first to seven kills. Players winning the most round wins the battle.


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Capture the Gold where players have to carry around a pot of gold and protect it and another is Kill Confirmed – a new deathmatch with a twist of picking up dog tags in-game. You can finally enjoy all these modes in COD:Mobile.

New event called Gold Rush will later be added in-game in Season 6 where players can exchange gold bars for game rewards. A new ‘Poltergeist’ class that allows player to turn invisible(limited time) will also be added soon.

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