Can Indian players play the PUBG New State Alpha test? Check here

PUBG New State is a futuristic sequel to PUBG Mobile and an upcoming mobile game by Krafton. The game was announced back in February and fans are excitedly anticipating the game since then. A lot of users are interested in the title from Indian and other countries.

New State was in the pre-registration phase until now. PUBG New State alpha test begins today, features details about the game including gameplay, map locations and more.

The alpha test commencing today will allow selected users to exclusively try the game’s features. Excited Indian fans are wondering if they can get their hands on PUBG Mobile New State. This article answers if Indian players can download and play PUBG New state or no.

Can Indian players try the PUBG New State Alpha test?

The recent announcement from Krafton teases their new battleground game. This promotional video is titled “Field Trip to Troi – Episode 1 | PUBG: NEW STATE.” The question is if Indian players can play the alpha test of PUBG new State?

No, Indian players cannot play the game in their region. The test is only exclusive for Android users in the United State. By chance, if you register and get your hands on the game using VPN, it still won’t work. 

Also, players are strictly warned to not use such methods to access the game. Use of virtual locations via developer settings and VPNs is prohibited. The PUBG New State community discord server admin shared:

“Warning! Please note that if your device is using a VPN, has Developer Options enabled, or you are using an emulator, access to the Alpha will be restricted. Additionally, we take fair play and anti-cheat very seriously. Any attempts to alter the game files or use unauthorized programs (e.g., cheats, hacks, etc.) will force the game client to close.”

This discord server is community-run by developer support. So they share genuine information here.

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