Cluck Night : A new Multiplayer Android Game Coming Soon…

Coconut Island Games Cluck Night is a new upcoming android games available on Google play store for pre-register.The game display cartoon-style graphics with 4v1 asymmetrical battle action game between 4 chickens and the lone farmer.Check the trailer below:

The game is set on farm where team of four players will take role of flock chicken who is desperatewly trying to escape the farm,where other player will take on the role of fowl herder, trying to prevent them from fleeing.These chickens are not our normal chickens,they’re alien abducted chickens who returned to earth with some specific abilities and they make use of it to escape the farm.

We have multiple fowl options to select and each fowl have their own way of dealing with the hunter who wants to keep them locked up.Players playing the role of fowl herdeer will have several options and tool to stop the chickens from escaping.

Screenshot Image

You can Pre-register the game on Google-Play Store:

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