COD: Mobile Leveling-Up in Season 12 | Tips & Tricks

After the ban of PUBG mobile in India; COD: Mobile saw a huge shift of players within 3 months. Activision’s mobile version of COD mobile was already a huge success. And, major player base boost due to the ban of PUBG Mobile; has made it the most favourite battle royale games of players.

COD: Mobile is one of top battle royale games on Android and iOS devices with millions of download.  The game has a great concept and amazing maps to enjoy with excellent in-game mechanics. COD Mobile possess many features proving itself a successful Installment in mobo devices.

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COD mobile also have rank tier and level XP system like other BR mobile games. The game feature two modes Battle-royale and Multiplayer mode with a rank tier system divided into Rookie, Veteran, Elite, Pro, Master, and Legendary tiers and a maximum level XP of 150. If you recently shifted to COD: Mobile version and want to level up quickly in Season 12.- these tips below will definitely help you.

Always Play With Clanmates

Playing with clanmates is the best way to stay safe and survive succesfully in as intense battle-royale survival game. To gain maximum XP and kills co-ordination is a very significant aspect in COD mobile. Play with your teammates to secure a better position in Battle-royale matches. So, play with teammates to level up quickly.

Choose proper mode

 Call of Duty Mobile offers several gameplay modes to play. Choose the proper mode to gain more XP in less time. It is recommended to grind in Multiplayer modes because of short maps and less time consuming to climb up quickly. Also, Domination and Hardpoint in smaller maps hardly takes 5-7 minutes and 20 in battle royale mode. Youu can gaina decent amount of XP in these modes. Multiplayer modes is the another best method to push up your level quickly in COD: Mobile.

Confirm More kills

To level up quickly in games like COD: Mobile, getting more kills in your pocket is the fastest method. Learn about your gameplay style and set your layout accordingly which benefits your gameplay style and skills. Equip perfect suitable and lethal weapon attachments in your loadout. A proper loadout will secure maximum kill and increasing your XP level.

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